NatureMeds Package (3 bottles)

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[Product Name]

WELIFE NatureMeds


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[Product Description]

WELIFE NatureMeds is a natural health product that can improve human body's immunity. It consists of various seaweeds and other active ingredients considered to have tremendous nutritional value.


[Product Size]

by mouth, 60 capsules, 56g (2 oz)


[Signature Component Content]

Fucoidan boosts multiple immune activities. Cordyceps benefits kidney and lung function, stopping bleeding and reducing phlegm. It has cooling effects on impotence nocturnal emission, sore waist and knees, chronic cough deficiency, asthma, and phlegm, and it also enhances humoral immune function.


[Main Ingredient]

Fucoidan, Brown Seaweed, Sea Buckthorn Seaweed Powder, Turmeric, Proprietary Immune Blend, Beta Glucan, MSM (dimethylsulfone), Elderberry, and Cordyceps.



Pregnant, lactating, minors, allergic to iodine, please take it under doctors advice.



Take one capsule every morning and evening. With symptoms, please take 1-3 capsules, 1-3 times daily.